On this beautiful Sunday morning I decided to write you from the kitchen of Casa Santangelo, while sipping my coffee and listening to the birds singing their first songs of today. Some neighbors already have started their preparations for lunch and the smell is entering our kitchen as well as I left the doors open to catch the first sunshine of this day.

On the other side another neighbor is cleaning up his barbecue from yesterday evening and I wave at him. We’ve never met before but this period of quarantine makes us more open to connect with the people around us. Just a friendly smile, a wave, a small talk. The things we’ve taken for granted for so long makes us rethink again. We are in a time of reflection, a time to pause for a moment, to stand still and really see what is going on around us and even more important, inside us.

All of a sudden I hear a familiar sound. The sound of a garage door that opens and it makes my heart jump. It’s the sound of our neighbor Emilio who has started to prepare for the reopening of his restaurant. I walk towards the balcony and see how his whole team is working hard to make things happen. He looks up and with a big smile he says ‘wee piccola‘. I smile back and I say ‘ben tornato‘ – welcome back.

After forty eight days of our complete lockdown, it seems like the normal life slowly starts to get going again. Step by step we will get back to our daily lives, in which I hope we all will be able to hold on to this feeling of appreciation for the small things around us. Not taking anything for granted as in the last period even a small walk on our beautiful ‘Lungomare’ has not been an option for us.

My other friend is texting me to apologize for his late reaction. He has been working non stop with his team to be able to meet all the regulations for reopening his restaurant as well. I smile and text back: ‘no worries at all. I’m happy to hear. Here’s my order for Monday. See you then and good luck!’.

When opening Casa Santangelo in the beginning of January 2020, I decided to not go public and to not use my own persona for marketing purposes. However, this period has changed my mind. We all have a voice and this is the right time to use it. Instead of waiting for all of this to pass, it’s the perfect time to support each other. Ever since opening Casa Santangelo I have always had a small corner for the ‘Friends of Casa Santangelo‘ to showcase their products and services. Just because I appreciate them and want to share my love for them with our guests.

Casa Santangelo hallway
Casa Santangelo corridor

As we are slowly getting back to our daily lives, the least I can do is using my voice and support local businesses over here. Like the old Napolitan saying goes: “Dove possono mangiare due, mangiano anche tre” – If two can eat, three can eat as well.

“Dove possono mangiare due, mangiano anche tre”

That’s why our mission in the upcoming period is to support regional tourism and local businesses and by staying at Casa Santangelo you will be part of this mission. Only by supporting each other we can bloom again.

Keep an eye on our social media as we will be rolling out our #ViaggoInItalia campaign soon.

From the kitchen of Casa Santangelo I am wishing you all a beautiful day.

With gratitude,

PS: If you would like to stay updated around our #ViaggoInItalia campaign, let’s become friends! And no worries, I hate spam too.