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History begins in 1800


Marquis Santangelo

This palazzo was owned by the Napoletan family Santangelo. They used this casa as their holiday home to escape the busy Napoli every now and then. By that time Casa Santangelo was right on the sea.

May 2019

Love at first sight

The owner of the Bed & Breakfast Debbie decided to move from The Netherlands to Salerno, in the pursuit of happiness and her long cherished dream to open a B&B.

Nov 2019

The royal wedding

We signed the papers and ‘put a ring on it’.

Jan 2020

Official Bed & Breakfast registration

With thanks to our great team we’ve opened our doors in January 2020.

About our founder

“As a little child I told my mom I would be living my life in suitcases and pretty much I did. Originally from the Netherlands, my suitcases brought me to Sicily, New York City, back ‘home’ to the Netherlands, Salerno, back ‘home’ to the Netherlands and in 2019 I settled myself again in Salerno, close to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast.

From the moment I opened the big wooden doors of Casa Santangelo I was mesmerized by the immense serenity, tranquility and beauty of this palazzo. Having lived in so many places I can finally say I feel home in Salerno. I love the authentic South Italian daily life, the pureness, the realness. I’ve found my equilibrio here, my balance.

How much I love the beauty of the famous Amalfi Coast, how much I embrace the beautiful chaos of Napoli and how much I enjoy the wonderful nature of Cilento… There is no place like home, and for me that is Salerno.

The Casa Santangelo team and I are looking forward to welcoming you to Salerno & Casa Santangelo soon!”


In the new Dutch television program ‘B&B Vol Liefde’, single B&B owners are looking for a partner who dares to look abroad. In a daily show that is broadcasted on one of the RTL channels, you can follow this search for true love.

Unfortunately we can’t share any more information yet. All we can say is… keep an eye on our social media channels!

For any requests and inquiries regarding the Dutch RTL program ‘B&B vol Liefde’, please contact Shanti via shanthi.t.hart@bluecircle.nl