Our top 10 restaurants in Salerno

Our top 10 restaurants in Salerno

We feel lucky to be located in the historical center of Salerno, as it is surrounded by lovely restaurants, pizzeria’s and bars. As many of our guests appreciate our list with favorite restaurants in Salerno from low budget to high end, we thought it would be nice to share our top 10 with you as well. Here we go:

1. Pizzeria & restaurant ‘Il Duca’

If you want to experience the authentic Napoletan kitchen, this is definitely the place to go. This family owned restaurant right next to Casa Santangelo serves everything from pasta to pizza and from fish to meat, all prepared the traditional Napolitan way. Some of our favorites are definitely the ‘cozze al modo nostro’ – mussels prepared in our way (hot) and ‘pasta con patate e provola‘ – pasta with potatoes and provola cheese.

Owner and neighbor Emilio and his wife are traveling daily from Napoli to Salerno and are open from lunch to (late) dinner. When we say authentic, we really mean authentic. Don’t expect a luxury and romantic table. You will feel like you’ve entered your nonna’s kitchen in Napoli. A homely feeling, pure, authentic and raw. Oh, and the prices are really affordable as well.

As they are besides our neighbors, our dear friends as well – you can easily order take away when you stay at Casa Santangelo if you prefer to stay in. Besides, we often organize private dining for our guests in Suite Costanza, in the camera ensuite. This includes a four to six meal course, a private waiter, Neapolitan music and the comfort of your privacy. Please ask us for more information.

Location: Via Giovanni da Procida, 27, 84121 Salerno SA, Italy

2. Pizzeria Resilienza

Next to the famous teatro Verdi, you will find this hidden gem: Pizzeria Resilienza. This pizzeria breaths serenity and quality. Owner Gennaro and his team only work with the 0km (chilometro zero) concept, which basically means that all ingredients are high quality and local ingredients.

From an industrial style inside the pizzeria, to a serene atmosphere on their terrace outside. A beautiful place to explore in the middle of the city.

Resilienza is open both for lunch and dinner. Check their menu here.

Our favorite pizza: Ortolana rossa
Location: Via S. Teresa, 1, 84121 Salerno SA, Italy

3. Calice e Tagliere

If we think about authentic late South Italian summer nights, we think about Calice e Tagliere, located right in the historical center under the old city wall of Salerno. The name Calice e Tagliere says it all, here you find the best wines combined with delicious local cheese, meat and veggie platters. Besides that you will find here traditional recipes from the south like parmigiana alle melanzane.

We recommend you to make a reservation at least one day prior, to be sure of a table. Especially during the warm summer months.

Location: Via Portanova, 28, 84121 Salerno SA, Italy

4. I Love Piadina

The perfect place for a typical easy lunch or light dinner, while enjoying the sun outside. I Love Piadina is located right behind the Salerno station and right in front of Piazza Concordia, where you find Travelmar (the boat trips to Vietri, Cetera, Minori, Maiori, Amalfi and Positano).

The piadina is a soft and fluffy Italian flatbread that can be filled with anything you like from meats, cheese and grilled veggies. Owner Luca and his team are using local products and serve the best appetizers as well. We recommend trying the grilled courgette flower filled with ricotta and of course their fresh mozzarella to begin with. Besides piadina, they serve the best salads in town.

Location: Lungomare Trieste, 6, 84122 Salerno SA, Italy
Tip: mention Casa Santangelo to receive 10% discount 

5. Criscemunno

If you ask us for a place where they only serve pizza, or better said a real pizzeria, then Criscemunno is the answer. This lovely place is located right next to the Duomo and is always busy. Especially during the weekend you do need a reservation if you want to avoid long lines. You might not believe it, but locals are actually willing to wait quite some time to enter this pizzeria. Waiting thirty minutes to an hour outside the pizzeria is quite normal.

If the locals are willing to wait so long for Criscemunno’s pizzas, it obviously says enough about their quality. See their full menu here.

Our favorite pizza: burrata
Location: Via Romualdo II Guarna, 15, 84121 Salerno SA, Italy

6. Pescheria

As Salerno is a cozy harbor city, by now you probably understand that we love to eat fish over here. Freshly caught fish. If you would like to have a wide choice of fish, Pescheria is the place to be. The menu speaks for itself and… it’s not only us who recommend this place, also our guests returned after their dinner with a big smile to Casa Santangelo as well.

Location: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 227, 84100 Salerno SA, Italy

7. Mood

This is another hotspot restaurant in Salerno and definitely a must visit if you are into the best wines and high end food. When you open their menu, the first sentence you read is: “Le idee migliori non vengono dalla ragione, ma da una lucida, visionaria follia” – the best ideas do not come from a reason, but from a lucid, visionary madness. And that is exactly what you will experience from the moment you enter the restaurant.

Our recommendations for non meat eaters: “Gnocchi di pane con burro.”

Click here for their menu.
Location: Via Giovan Angelo Papio, 21, 84122 Salerno SA, Italy

8. Sant’Andrea – paninoteca & restaurant 

Right around the corner of Bed & Breakfast Casa Santangelo, at piazza Largo Campo, you find both Sant’Andrea paninoteca and restaurant.

The paninoteca is perfect for delicious take away sandwiches. All the fresh ingredients are displayed and you either tell them what you would like on your sandwich, or you order one of the classic examples as displayed above the counter.

The restaurant on the other hand has a nice outdoor terrace and serves mainly local fish dishes and pizza’s.

Location: Piazza Sedile del Campo, 13, 84100 Salerno SA, Italy

9. Embarcadero

If Casa Santangelo’s owner Debbie isn’t in the Bed and Breakfast, most likely you will find her at this hotspot in Salerno. Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, a morning coffee or late night cocktails with a beautiful sea view, this is definitely the place to be.

While their lunch menu at the bar consists of sandwiches and salads, their restaurant menu is mostly based on fish and highly recommended.  See their full menu here.

Location: Lungomare Trieste, 84121 Salerno SA, Italy

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