How to get from Naples to Salerno

How to get from Naples to Salerno

Over the last years, Naples became a favorite travel destination for many. With airlines as Easyjet and Transavia flying in and out of Capodichino on a daily base, the international airport of Naples is the closest one to Salerno. In this article we are explaining you how to get from Naples to Salerno by train, bus, taxi and car.

Traveling by Bus and Train – 1.5 hour

Let’s be honest, the public transportation isn’t as well organized as in metropoles like Amsterdam, Paris and London, however, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to get from Naples to Salerno by train and bus. You just have to understand how it works and once you know it, it’s easy – like everything in life, right?! ?

Let’s start with your arrival. As there is only one arrival hall at this airport, it will not be hard to find the exit. As soon as you left the building, you will first see the taxi stand next to a white canopy. From here you go straight ahead, you cross the street, you pass Sixt and keep walking straight ahead. After you have passed Sixt (on your right), you will see a bus stop with the sign ‘Alibus’. Alibus brings you directly from the airport to Naples central station in about fifteen minutes.

This link shows you the actual time table, however, as we would like to say ‘benvenuti al sud‘. The bus arrives whenever the bus arrives, but most of the time it shows up regularly. The bus ticket you can buy inside the bus and costs €5,- per person. In the high season you might see two lines, from which one line is called ‘premium’. If you don’t like to wait in the regular line, you could skip the line by paying €1,- extra to enter the premium line.

The bus ride will take about fifteen minutes as mentioned before and the first stop is Piazza Garibaldi, the central station of Naples. As soon as you leave the bus, you cross the street and you will walk into the central station. The only thing left is buying your train ticket(s) if you didn’t buy them yet online and get into the train towards the beautiful harbor city Salerno.

Be aware that there are two different train companies who are not related to each other. The first one is Trenitalia and the second one is Italo (private company). As our personal preference is Italo because of their comfort, however, the best thing to do is to first check both timetables as well as the prices.

Now here is the interesting part, something you should know. It could be quite a challenge finding out from which platform your train is leaving. One way is to check out the departure time, however, it might not always be clear as the screens in the departure hall only show the departure time and the destinations. To be 100% sure we advise you to double check the train number via the TrenItalia or Italo app as this number isn’t printed on your ticket, but does show on the screen.

Example TrenItalia. Double check the duration and the number of the train prior to your departure.
Example TrenItalia. Double check the duration and the number of the train prior to your departure.

The last step is… to catch the train and enjoy the ride!

Traveling by bus – 1 hour 

If you prefer to go directly from Naples to Salerno by public transport, you might be lucky to catch one of the following busses:

  • 08:45 AM from Naples Capodichino to Salerno Via Leonino Vinciprova – 1:10 hour and €5,- per person
  • 16:00 PM from Naples Capodichino to Salerno Via Leonino Vinciprova – 1:20 hour and €5,- per person

The name of the bus is Buonotourist and the departure location is called Terminal Bus APT. For actual information regarding the Covid-19 situation please check the official website of Buonotourist.

Traveling from Naples to Salerno by car – 45 minutes

The fastest way to go from Naples airport to Salerno is by car or taxi. To enjoy the region Campania by rental car , there are several rental companies around like Sixt, Hertz, Europcar and Avis. However, Sixt is the closest one to the terminal exit and therefore might be the most convenient for you.

Traveling by taxi – 45 minutes 

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, there is no better feeling than having a taxi driver waiting for you at the arrivals and to eliminate all the lines for either public transportation or check-in at your rental car service. Casa Santangelo works together with a small family owned taxi company from Avellino and we vividly recommend Antonio, his brother Gerardo and father to drive you safely from Naples to any desired place in this beautiful area as they are very professional, we fully trust them and as our guests are talking highly about them.

Whether you stay with us at our hidden gem in Salerno or whether you came along our website to check out our information, we are happy to help you reserve a time slot as if you are our guest. We are happy to hear from you via email or whatsapp.

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